VIPER PRESS Booklist 2001

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Little Book of

Monitor Lizards

By Daniel Bennett

The original edition of this world famous book! Subsequently revised in German language and English editions, it remains the most complete guide to monitor lizards available.

Pages: 232

110 colour and 24 black and white photos. 14 drawings, 46 maps, 30 charts

1995. Binding: Spiral

£29.95 ISBN: 0952663201

Frogs of Coorg, Karnataka, India.

Edited by Daniel Bennett

The distribution and abundance of amphibians on a coffee estate in Coorg with details of advertisement calls and† larval stages. Covers 21 recognised species and four that are currently undescribed.

Pages 139 + cassette/CD.

33 black and white drawings

2000. Binding: Paperback.

Price: £35.00 ISBN: 0952663260

The Bats of Madagascar. A field guide with descriptions of echolocation calls.

Edited by Daniel Bennett and Jon Russ

Includes details of echolocation calls of virtually every species of bat known from Madagascar and a comprehensive key that works on live animals!††

Due July 2001.

About 110 pages.

Black and white photographs and drawings.

Binding: Paperback

Price £25.00. ISBN:0952663287

Wildlife of

Bui National Park, Ghana

Edited by Daniel Bennett and Brian Basuglo

Bui National Park is the last area of pristine riverine forest in the entire Volta system which is due to be completely destroyed by a hydro-electric dam in 2001. This is the only biological study of the area ever published. Animals covered include hippos, monitor lizards, dragonflies, butterflies, fish and fruit bats.

Pages: 114

13 black and white pictures, 6 maps

1999. Binding: Paperback†

£30.00 ISBN:0952663236

Wildlife of Polillo Island, Philippines

Edited by Daniel Bennett.

The tiny island of Polillo off Luzon still harbours an amazing diversity of wildlife. Taxa covered are bats, batflies, frogs, birds, and lizards. Includes a chapter on the rare and endemic fruit eating monitor, Varanus olivaceus

Pages: 174.

2000. Binding: Paperback

£30.00 ISBN: 0952663252


Audio disk. 40 minutes

£16.00Ref VPCD003

Forthcoming Titles!

By Bennett, Thoorndyal and Bayless

The most common and most misunderstood monitor in captivity. Ecology, captive breeding and husbandry of this much-maligned lizard.

Approx 60 pages. Due March 2002 £10.00

An interactive CD covering new developments the world of monitor lizards in the wild and in captivity. Thousands of images. Due June 2002.

Ecology of slugs and an identification guide to the slugs of Glossop gardens. Due Nov 2002.